Your pool water is constantly changing due multiple factors including weather conditions, debris such as dirt and sand, and oils from sunscreen protection to name a few. These conditions can affect your pool water balance causing it to rapidly turn cloudy and green.

Continuous filtration from a pool filter alone will note remove all contaminants. A pool that is “balanced” has proper levels of certain chemicals including chlorine, pH, cyanuric acid, total alkalinity, and calcium hardness.

The steps taken to care for your pool includes:
•   Scrubbing the floor and walls to remove dirt and algae before it can really take hold and grow.
•   Skim the surface of your pool to eliminate leaves, bugs, and other debris. We clean the pool’s bottom surface using a vacuum.
•   We also clean out the pool’s pump basket and skimmer, removing any debris that may have accumulated.
•   We can check salt levels if you have a salt water pool
•   We will make sure your pool pump system is in working order.
•   Check to make sure your pool filter is cleaned as needed. Replace the pool filter if necessary.

Shock and acid wash treatment: used for severe algae accumulation and water discoloration
•   Requires the draining of your swimming pool
•   Removal of all debris
•   Spray on application of Muriatic Acid
•   Brush and rinse with fresh water
•   Neutralization of the acid accumulated in the pool bowl
•   Refill pool with fresh water
•   Chemical Balance
•   Pool Filter Cleaning to restore the flow rate of your pool